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Just help with Art!


The Just help family invites you to be part of our JUSTHELP.ART program

Just help is focusing on promoting a sustainable future through innovative environmental solutions and business practices. Primarily the NGO provides aid for crisis situations and subsequently supports those communities to continue programs for a sustainable future. The core idea is to grow an international network of social entrepreneurs, creative minds and scientists that support a sustainable future and create Win-Win situations for everyone. The first Just help projects are in Africa: „Let’s Feed Bay“ and Sierra Leone. 

To kick of the Just help e.V. initiatives the first art exhibition will take place at ANDAZ Hotel Munich from November till December 2021. The art project is sponsored by HAHNEMÜHLE Fine Art Papers. More information coming soon!


 Just help with Art!


As the pandemic rages on, existing inequalities and problems in the world community are highlighted. The world faces numerous crises and seems to steer toward an inevitable point of change. Many artists turn to political engagement, scientific research and art with a social impact to find a solution to urging questions. Artists tend to find undogmatic solutions to current social, ecological, and economic problems. Many artists have joined the Just Help e.V. family to work on the development of a sustainable future. 


The overall goal of JUSTHELP.ART is to raise social awareness about the environmental, social and economic problems that have led to the exploitation of our planet. Through engagement in single projects, Just Help e.V. strives to ease the stress and hardship on areas especially affected by the current pandemic and provide food and medical care. Artists are contributing to fundraising models or other ways of collecting help through and highlighting issues through art and art projects. Help initiatives are continually being added to the program as are engaged artists.


The first art exhibition will take place at ANDAZ Hotel Munich. Stay tuned for a preview of the works and artist’s stories donating to the cause of “Let’s Feed J’Bay”.

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